New ECM Titanium Drivers update for Bosch ME17.U.6 control units.

Even more possibilities for modification and customization are available for CF Moto and Segway SSVs and UTVs.

Enhance the potential with ECM Titanium!

ECU Bosch ME17.U.6

ECM Titanium Drivers update

Work to achieve the most out of every calibration, thanks to an unprecedentedly comprehensive list of maps, and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Our Driver development team released an important update on CF Moto and Segway SSV and UTV models (UForce, ZForce, Fugleman) with 1000cc petrol engines.


Bosch ME17.U.6

  • UForce 1000
  • ZForce 1000 sport


Bosch ME17.U.6

  • Fugleman UT 10 E

Work on these vehicles with ECM Titanium thanks to the updated Drivers:

Bosch ME17.U.6


Powergate is the new generation of portable control unit programmer for cars and motorcycles, designed to offer every driver a personalized driving experience of their vehicle.

Thanks to a compact design and connection with an intuitive app, Powergate provides a highly customizable and precise vehicle tuning experience.

Driver – Bosch ME17.U.6

Thanks to the multiple editable maps on the updated Driver, you can carry out different types of tuning with the usual simple and intuitive handling. Adjust the engine management parameters with the view modes (TAB, HEX, 2D and 3D) you prefer and make your best calibration.

Special Features

  • Low-gear

Unlock Low-gear mode by adjusting the speed limiter management parameters.

View all maps.

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